First time with us, but you DO have experience?

All first time clients with Viscount must demonstrate their level of rifle safety and shooting competence regardless of previous stalking experience.

The competency test takes place on our private range and must be taken on an annual basis by all clients who do not hold DSC Level 2. An estate rifle is available if required and free of charge. Any ammunition supplied is charged at £2.50 per round.

Non DSC Level 1 holders

If you do have previous experience of deer stalking but do not hold DSC 1 you are required to complete a safe rifle handling and shooting test. You will be required to shoot three shots within a four inch circle from a prone position at 100m. And three shots within the kill zone of a deer silhouette target from sticks at 50m. The rifle handling and shooting test lasts 30-45 minutes and costs £30.

DSC Level 1

DSC Level 1 holders will be required to show a copy of their DSC Level 1 certificate and to shoot three shots within a four inch circle at 100m. No charges apply if you are using your own rifle and ammuntion.

DSC level 2

DSC level 2 holders using their own rifles and ammunition will be required to shoot three shots at 100m to check rifles are zeroed prior to stalking with us. They will also be asked to provide evidence of experience and insurance. On satisfying these criteria they will be able to shoot unaccompanied from a high-seat at our discretion.