The East Sussex Estate

Situated at the foot of Ashdown Forest's eastern boundary, this beautifully positioned private estate enjoys magnificent views over areas of outstanding natural beauty. 

Located 10 minutes from Royal Tunbridge Wells, the estate covers 1300 acres of forest and farmland. Fields of arable crop and pasture are bordered and interspersed with ancient and semi-ancient woodland, chestnut coppice and conifer. 

The topography of the ground is varied, with wooded valleys and hillsides, steep banks and rolling fields.

Fallow deer are the predominant species on the estate and there are also a number of Roe deer present. 

Careful management of deer on the estate aims to maintain the quality of stock and impressive Fallow bucks are frequently sighted in the area.

Deer are typically spotted on the estate feeding at first light. They are stalked while they are on open ground, or as they move back into cover. 

In the evenings, shooting from high-seats is the most popular method used on this estate. The majority of the high-seats are positioned on the edges of woodland, over looking areas of pasture or crops where deer move to feed as dusk sets-in.

To enquire about an outing please contact:
Tel: +44 (0)1892 739 173