“Late september provided me with the opportunity to visit West Sussex and enjoy a couple outings with the Viscount staff. It is a convenient distance from London to the point that one can hardly believe that in such densely populated area as SE England, there're such massive forests!

I was able to shoot two cull fallow bucks in my outings. A very sportive, authentic and rewarding experience.
Late september is not an ideal time as fallow deer are is still far from the rut season which made the stalks intense and challenging. We managed to spot enough beasts to be able to carefully select those ideal for culling.    

Safety is an important concern when stalking in farming areas and at all times Hugo puts safety first when walking throughout forests, accross farm land and more importantly when preparing to take a shot.

I strongly recommend Viscount Deer Stalking for a professional deer stalking experience."

Spanish client, Mr Rendez.