Wild Deer

The estimated number of wild deer in the UK is now as high as two million. However accurate assessments of deer numbers are difficult to obtain as they are secretive animals free to roam the land around them.

An estimated 350,000 deer are culled each year by deer stalkers in the UK and road traffic accidents are responsible for the second highest number of mortalities. Despite this wild deer are continuing to expand, both in terms of numbers and range.

Managing wild deer is a very labour-intensive business and requires skill, patience and above all long-term commitment. In areas where deer numbers are high it is often possible to achieve large culls in the initial stages of the deer management plan, but deer are intelligent creatures and quickly learn to avoid danger areas, making it difficult to achieve the full percentages of the cull required.

Different deer species have different habits and therefore require specific management strategies. Territorial species such as Roe are relatively easy to manage, as the stalker will know roughly where they can be found. Herding species such as Fallow are the most difficult to manage, as they are nomadic and quickly become nocturnal if subjected to too much pressure from stalkers.

For deer management to be effective over a large area it is often necessary for neighbouring landowners and stalkers to share information and pool resources.

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