Park Deer

Britain has a long and fascinating history of deer parks going back to the Anglo-Saxon era. However it was the Normans who began to create large numbers of deer parks, to provide a ready supply of venison and sport for the king.

The most popular species of deer to be kept in parks are still Fallow and Red deer.

Although enclosed with a boundary, park deer are generally not tame. They can be very nervous and flighty, and as difficult to manage as wild deer in some circumstances.

The management of park deer requires the deer manager to be an exceptionally skilled, safe and efficient shot. It is also vital that the deer manager is able to recognise when the herd is under too much pressure, and to stop any culling accordingly.

Viscount undertakes and advises on the management of park deer and we have on going contracts with deer parks in the south of England.

We advise park owners on balancing sex ratios within the herd, increasing venison revenue and improving the quality of stock through the introduction of new bloodlines into herds.