Viscount Deer Stalking UK was established in 2009

Our objective is to help landowners in the south of england to recognise deer as a valuable asset. And through safe and humane deer management practices to provide deer stalking experiences for private clients.

Each of the estates we work over require deer numbers to be managed. Our aim is to maintain a balanced and healthy deer population that is visible, yet not detrimental to the habitats and environment of each estate.

Since 2009 an increasing number of landowners have asked us to manage deer on their estates. We have a growing portfolio of satisfied clients, happy and confident with our professional services.

We are fully insured and provide 4x4 transport, extraction vehicles and all other equipment as part of our service.

In 2013 we formed Viscount Sporting Estates Ltd. Through this business we act as agents to offer deer stalking and other sporting opportunites throughout the UK and abroad.